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Each program consists of a rigorous educational process, a certification procedure, and re-certification requirements. Each is administered by a certification board comprised of experts in the discipline. All programs operate under a written set of procedures approved by the IAI's Board of Directors to ensure compliance with broad IAI goals and policies.

Certification Boards

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Special Notice

The International Association of Identification (IAI) has implemented an eCert online application process in support of its strategic worldwide plan to improve the submission and tracking of forensic certifications.

What this means to you:

  • Easy Registration Process
  • Easy Online Application Process
  • Ability to Attach Documents Electronically
  • Ability to Save Incomplete Applications
  • Ability to Track Your Application
  • Email Notifications

*Note: If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) on a computer provided by your employer there may be configurations in the securities that could interfere with system functionality (i.e., attaching documents). If you experience this problem, please contact your local IT department to request to use Firefox or Google Chrome, or use a personal computer.

The 90 day grace period for renewals has been eliminated.
All future renewal applications must be submitted prior to the certification expiration date.