Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Recertification Requirements

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Qualifications, requirements and application procedures for recertification are subject to revision by the Board. The latest official version is always available on-line from the Secretary of the Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Certification Board.

General Qualifications:

An applicant for recertification must be of good moral character, high integrity, good repute, and must possess a high ethical and professional standing (See Section III).

All persons certified by the Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Certification Board must renew their certification every five (5) years in order to maintain their certification status. The fee for recertification is $300.00 for IAI members and $400.00 for non-members.

Applicants for recertification must be working in the field of bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA).

  1. Proof of working in the field of BPA can be in the form of a letter of endorsement from the applicant's employer/supervisor and/or a person of equal level of certification verifying the applicants continued involvement and competency in the field of bloodstain pattern analysis.

A total of eighty (80) credits as described on the application for recertification is required for recertification over the five year certification period. Copies of certificates or other appropriate documentation for the credits claimed must accompany the application for recertification.

An Application for renewal should be submitted two months prior to the expiration date of certification. Failure to apply for renewal before expiration of certification places the member in an expired status.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Recertification Test

The examination for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Certification is divided into three (3) sections.

Each part/section will be graded separately. All three (3) sections must individually be passed with a 75% on each section to pass the certification test. The three (3) sections include:

Section 1.   Pattern Identification: Correctly identify and provide information regarding designated bloodstain patterns.
Section 2.   Analysis Portion: Correctly answer questions regarding bloodstain patterns in crime scene images and provide information to support the conclusion/s offered.
Section 3.   Area of Convergence and Area of Origin Calculation: Correctly determine the location of the area of convergence and correctly calculate the area of origin of a spatter pattern.

General Provisions