Tenprint Fingerprint Certification Requirements

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Top Ten Qualifying Questions For Fingerprint Examiner

  1. Would you please state your name for the record and spell your last name?
  2. By whom are you employed and in what capacity?
  3. (Mr. / Ms.) ____________ could you tell the court and jury how long you have been employed as a Fingerprint Examiner.
  4. (Mr. / Ms.) ____________ could you tell the court and jury about your educational background within the field?
  5. How do you remain current in the fingerprint field?
  6. Have you ever provided expert testimony regarding fingerprints?
  7. How many times have you provided expert testimony?
  8. How many comparisons have you conducted in your career?
  9. Can you explain the process called ACE-V?
  10. Do you utilize the ACE-V methodology while conducting your work?