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Discipline Code   Discipline Code
Biometrics Information Services BIS Forensic Photography/Electronic Imaging PHO
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis BPA Forensic Podiatry POD
Crime Scene Investigation CSI General Forensics GEN
Digital Evidence DIG Latent Print Identification LPI
Facial Identification FAC Latent Print Development LPD
Footwear / Tire Track Examination FWT Leadership Lecture Series LLS
Forensic Art ART Tenprint Identification TPI


Date Session Track Code Title Presenter
Aug 7 8:00AM
    Opening Ceremony & Conference Keynote
Kevin Briggs "Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge"
Sponsored by NEC
Rus Ruslander
IAI President
    Panel Discussion: Use of the Term Identification in Forensic Conclusions
Ron Smith, John Vanderkolk, Glen Langenburg, Austin Hicklin
Steve Johnson
A LPI-226 Exhumation of an Erroneous Identification: The Case of Beniah Alton Dandridge Matthew Marvin
B GEN-650 CFSO Update Ken Martin
GEN-252 The Department of Justice's Commitment to Advancing Forensic Science Jonathan McGrath
C FWT-264 Tire Mold Manufacturing Techniques Joseph Dancy
E LPD-086 Processing with Indanedione: A Practical Guide Erin Armstrong
LPD-824 Preliminary study: The use of Vacuum Metal Deposition to develop latent fingermarks from fired ammunition, us6ing alternative metals (NEW) Eleigh Brewer
F DIG-088 The Digital Automotive Image System Christopher Iber
CSI-280 Let's fingerprint that dead body Kurt Aebersold
A LPI-270 Bias Effects in Forensic Science -- A Perspective from a Case Working Forensic Scientist
Who Uses Sequential Unmasking Techniques
Glenn Langenburg
B PHO-053 Introduction to Surveillance Photography Scott Campbell
C FWT-530 Nike Counterfeit Footwear Marie-Ange Boyer
LPD-109 A Comparison of Image Quality Using Black versus White Fingerprint Powder on Non-Porous Substrates Elizabeth Brown
D ART-144 Forensic Art and Investigations: Putting Together the Pieces Joseph Lynch
E LPD-194 A Review of Recent Published Fingerprint Research Papers (2016-2017) Robert Ramotowski
D ART-271 I Had a Forensic Art Case Suzanne Lowe Birdwell
Aug 8 8:00AM
A LPI-261 Research... It's not just for testimony anymore Melissa Gische
B CSI-059 Crime Scene Response to Major Incidents Jonesta Nolan
C POD-124 The talus and calcaneus in forensic identification: what they may reveal about barefoot morphology David Agoada
POD-141 A Puzzling Step in the Right Direction (Cancelled)  
POD-101 Can the use of hand-held devices alter human gait? Michael Curran
D ART-027 Applications of DNA Phenotyping to Criminal Investigations Thomas Shaw
E GEN-600 OSAC update: FSSB Overview, Physics and Pattern SAC update Austin Hicklin
GEN-251 National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Updates on Forensic Science Initiatives and Funding Opportunities Jonathan McGrath
F GEN-237 Case Considerations from a Defense Perspective John Black
GEN-283 Wet-Vacuum Forensic DNA Sampling Dramatically Increases Capabilities
To Collect Essential DNA Material And Solve More Crime
Jared Bradley
A LPI-137 Blind Verification of Comparison Conclusions: A Study on Case Impact and Operational Cost (Phase 1) Thomas Wortman
LPI-186 One Man's Trash... A white-box study into the factors driving latent print suitability decisions Heidi Eldridge
B CSI-136 Crime Scene Management Under the Microscope: Techniques for Handling Mass-Shooting Events Maria Pettolina
C POD-115 The effect of carrying weight on angle and base of gait Michael Curran
POD-074 Competency Testing and Forensic Gait Analysis Ivan Birch
POD-064 Footprints in Court: Meeting a Daubert Challenge Michael Nirenberg
D CSI-607 Post Mortem Interval for Crime Scene Investigators (NEW) Bruce Willis
E FAC-122 FISWG/OSAC Systems Group Update Neal Gieselman
F CSI-269 The Digital Aspect of Your Forensics Jerry Hoover
ALPI-187 So We Implemented a Statistical Model... What Happened Next? Jessica Lecroy
B BPA-510 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Documentation Calvin Gaziano
C FWT-207 Case Studies in Footwear, Tire and Barefoot Evidence Michael Gorn
D ART-228 An Impression Left Behind: Artistically Identifying the Victim of a Homicide Danielle Gruttadaurio
E LLS-285 What have they got that I ain't got? Courage! Lauren Reed
LLS-803 7 Important Things I Learned as a Manager Glenn Langenburg
F GEN-244 Sufficiency and Ranges of Conclusions John Vanderkolk
GEN-148 Making a more visual identification report Michael Allard
A LPI-234 Should Fingerprint Examiners Make More Erroneous Identifications?
The Answer May Not Be No...
Thomas Busey
LPI-288 Trends in Latent Fingerprint Publications: A Bibibliometric and Informal Review Maria Antonia Roberts
B BPA-511 Written in Blood: Staging of a Homicide Crime Scene Toby Wolson
BPA-512 Florida's Stand Your Ground Statute: A Case Study Toby Wolson
C FWT-195 Location, Recovery, and Metamorphosis of Snow Impressions
Hidden Beneath Subsequent Snowfall
Charles S. DeFrance
FWT-604 OSAC update: Footwear and Tire Subcommittee Matt Johnson
D ART-258 Computer Generated Modeling for Forensic Art Kirt Messick
ART-507 Forensic Art Services in Germany: How Our Team Works Rainer Wortmann
E CSI-146 Drone Mapping of Crime Scenes Michael Allard
F CSI-606 OSAC Update: Crime Scene Subcommittee Michael Kessler
FAC-272 Changing the Perception of Facial Recognition Technology in Law Enforcement Asraf Daniel
Aug 9 7:45AM
  GEN-700 Wednesday Breakfast and Keynote:
Forensic Analysis and Authentication of the Missing 9/11 Flag
from Ground Zero, New York City, 2001
William Schneck
A LPI-601 OSAC update: Friction Ridge Subcommittee Melissa Gische
C FWT-206 An Intelligence Approach to using Footwear Impression Evidence Michael Gorn
D LPD-157 Combined Temperature and Humidity Control to Tune Latent Fingermark Development
by Superglue Fuming
Mark Dadmun
LPD-200 Thermal paper, semi-porous processing and other ways Fluorescent Cyanoacryate will change your world Shanley Brezen
LPD-164 Advances in Latent Fingermark Visualisation using Infrared Fluorescent Reagents Roberto King
LPD-184 School of hARDROX 9703: An Alternative to the Defunct Ardrox P-133D Kyle Tom
E LLS-174 CLEAR! Whump! AGAIN! Whump! Reviving the Heart of a Manager Ron Smith
F GEN-506 Black Box and White Box Forensic Examiner Evaluations - Understanding the Details JoAnn Buscaglia
A LPI-166 Run it through the system: Validation and utilization of an automated comparison software Kalisha Gill
LPI-110 Investigative Lead Reports From AFIS: A New Approach
in Managing Latent Print Throughput
Tim Schmahl
B LLS-259 When Examiners Become Supervisors – The Trials and Tribulations of Young Leaders:
A Panel Discussion
Thomas Wortman
C FWT-255 Developing and Utilizing a Local Footwear Reference Collection David Kanaris
FWT-215 Expert opinion evidence based on new CSI scanning technology – legal duties
and quality requirements
Stephen Crabbe
D FAC-128 OSAC Facial Identification Subcommittee Update 2017 Lora Sims
FAC-171 Introduction to the FBI's Face Comparison and Identification Training Rachel Pastorial
E LPD-183 FBI Processing Manual Additions Kyle Tom
LPD-266 How Good is Your Reagent? Developing Standards for Evaluating Reagent Stability Edward Sisco
F GEN-503 Twice Bitten: Finding a path forward in the wake of the PCAST report Heidi Eldridge
A BIS-170 Using NGI to Locate the Missing and Unknown Deceassed Susan Tuttle
BIS-175 Understanding the FBI Identity History Summary Christina Knotts-Gladwin
B BPA-513 Context Bias Case Study Iris Graff
C FWT-106 An Evaluation and Comparison of Everspry Outsole Scanner® and Magnetic Powder Method Wai Sze Au
FWT-208 Adolf Schallamach- The man, his science and where the rubber meets the road Michael Gorn
D BIS-175 Understanding the FBI Identity History Summary Christina Knotts-Gladwin
FAC-802 Deploying a Cost Effective, Scalable Mobile ID Program Amy McKeown
E LPD-227 Recovery of Latent Prints from Nonporous Objects Exposed to Snow Sam McCook
F GEN-076 My Experiences as a TV Forensic Consultant for TV Crime Dramas Gregory Laskowski
GEN-249 Collaborating Across Borders: Creating an International Forensic Education Network Claire Gwinnett
Aug 10 8:00AM
A LPI-505 Characterizing latent print examiner eye behavior during ridge counting, ridge following, and feature search tasks Brad Ulery
BIS-247 Leveraging AFIS to Help Optimize Latent Print Workflow Ed German
B BPA-514 Methodology and Bias in Blood Stain Pattern Analysis Holly Latham
C FWT-292 Quantitative Measures for Footwear Impression Comparisons Martin Herman
FWT-132 Unblended Fillers in Footwear Manufacturing Create Accidental Characteristics Jan LeMay
D FAC-230 Fusion of Facial Recognition and Video Analytics Nicole Spaun
E CSI-075 The Travis Alexander Homicide Case (8:00AM to 12:00PM) Heather Conner
F LLS-282 Velvet Covered Brick Lauren Reed
A LPI-191 Navigating a Blind Verification Policy While Minimizing Operational Impact Monica Kupsco
B BPA-517 Using bloodstain patterns to determine the number of assailants Jon Priest
C FWT-156 Part 2: Size variations associated with the different methods of recording outsole impressions Anthony Koertner
D GEN-201 Clandestine 3-D printed firearms as evidence Shanley Brezen
F LLS-300 Mentoring vs. Coaching in Developing Forensic Professionals Steven O'Dell
A LPI-219 Uniform Language/Articulation Michele Triplett
B BPA-515 Reconstruction of Bloodstain Impact Patterns: Error Rate Research Project Calvin Gaziano
BPA-516 Manner and Cause of Death? Blood Stain Pattern Analysis Case Study Calvin Gaziano
C FWT-134 Using the Adidas Boost® Midsole Material in Footwear Comparisons Jeremy John
FWT-135 How Discriminating are Class Characteristics in Die Cut Outsoles Comprised of Rubber and Textile? Jeremy John
D GEN-289 Getting the Most from NIBIN in Solving Crimes of Gun Violence Grant Graham
F LLS-239 Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking John Black
B GEN-057 Degradation of mRNA in tooth pulp during storage at room temperature Tierney Mullaney
GEN-133 Why Can't You Provide Numbers Like DNA? Molly Hall
GEN-209 Implementation and Early Success of Presumptive DNA Screening Stephanie Regan
C LPD-178 Prints of Darkness: an Illuminating Approach to Revealing Latent Prints in a CBRN Environment Monique Brillhart
LPD-260 Latent Print Processing Sequence for Semi-Porous and Other Irregular Surfaces Heidi Rogowski
D GEN-102 American Academy of Forensics Sciences Standards Board (ASB)
Firearms and Toolmarks Consensus Body
Greg Laskowski
GEN-605 OSAC Update: Firearms and Toolmarks Andy Smith
E CSI-105 The Investigation of the Abduction and Homicide of Jessica Ridgeway (1:00PM to 5:00PM) Tim Read
F FAC-501 Using Smart Phones and Other Mobile Devices for Automated Facial Recongnition Bob Kocher
FAC-254 Integrating the FISWG/OSAC Morphological Feature List into Facial Image Comparisons Lora Sims
A LPI-253 The Persistence of Friction Ridge Skin and Consistency of Friction Ridge Skin and Impressions Maria Roberts
B GEN-291 Forensic Application of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Kazu Okamoto
C POD-127 Creation of a bare-footprints database and population testing Paul Jira
POD-070 How do you Identify Emotions from Gait? Ivan Birch
D FAC-245 Facial Recognition/Facial Identification Certification Plans Ed German
FAC-246 Facial Recognition/Facial Identification Sourcebook Ed German
F BPA-602 OSAC update: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Subcommittee Toby Wolson
A LPI-232 Case Specific AFIS: Increasing efficiency while reducing errors Kaustubh Deshpande
B GEN-222 Testing of Accelerated Nuclear DNA Equipment Karen Olson
GEN-190 The impact of DNA Wet Swabbing Collection Methods on Latent Print Evidence Monica Kupsco
C POD-069 Forensic Gait Analysis - which way now? Ivan Birch
POD-123 Developing and testing a bare-footprint crème, a novel method
for gathering control bare-footprints
Paul Jira
F PHO-054 Photography Tips & Tricks I've Learned Scott Campbell
Aug 11 10:00AM
A LPI-233 Resolving Latent Conflict: What Happens When Latent Print Examiners Enter the Cage? Alicia Rairden
B GEN-221 Emerging Methods for Improved Body Fluid Identification Toni Diegoli
D CSI-152 Courtroom Testimony for CSIs Jonesta Nolan
E LPD-193 Validation in ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories – Policy Guidance and a Recent Example of a Validati Robert Ramotowski
F LLS-159 Tips for Reducing or Eliminating Backlogs – A Proven Path Eliot Springer
A LPI-231 Biometrics Terminology for Fingerprint Examiners Michael French
BGEN-225 Evaluation of an Enhanced Serology Screening Tool Thomas Meyer
D BIS-229 Tattoo Comparison: Techniques and Advancement in Technology Kaustubh Deshpande
BIS-800 What about Tattoos? Human Identification using Tattoo Images Thirmachos Bourlai
E DIG-257 Information Session: The Forensic Video Certification Exam Kimberly Meline
F CSI-273 Are We Contaminating Our Scene of Crime Suits? Claire Gwinnett
A LPI-038 Minutiae in Nature: The Evidence for Identifiable Patterns Throughout Forensic Disciplines Jennifer Hall-Rivera
BIS-214 A new AFIS is going operational – there is much more than only technical changes Axel Glaeser
BIS-169 Dispositions: The Missing Piece of the Criminal History Puzzle Susan Tuttle
B CSI-268 Building the Crime Scene Investigator: Training Methodologies for Real World Success Ted McDonald
C DIG-248 OSAC Digital/Multimedia Scientific Area Committee Update Richard Vorder Bruegge
DIG-116 Update from OSAC Subcommittee on Video Imaging Technology and Analysis (VITAL) Carl Kriigel
DIG-603 OSAC update: Digital Evidence Subcommittee Steve Watson
E LLS-111 Bridging Forensic Science and Management: the FORensic Assessment of Technology Effectiveness index Alexandre Beaudoin
F GEN-242 Individualization of pubic hair bacterial communities and the effects of storage time and temperature Diana Williams
GEN-250 An Examiner Survey into the Use of Microscopic Hair Evidence in Casework Laura Wilkinson
A BIS-220 In-person Proofing and Multi-factor Authentication in Support of the Identity Lifecycle Patrick Clancey
F GEN-047 The Importance of Validation in Forensic Laboratories Danielle O'Neill

Note that some time changes and / or program cancellations may occur