IAI Contacts by Name

The IAI provides phone numbers and addresses to all IAI members on the IAI web site in the Member area.

The following is a list of committee chairs/co-chairs, secretaries, board members, officers and staff alphabetized by last name (see list alphabetized by committee):

Name Title Committee E-mail
Arend, Jim Staff/Contract Webmaster
Beaudoin, Alexandre Officer Vice President - 4th  
Birdwell, Suzanne Lowe Chair Forensic Art  
Bush, James Acting Chair Latent Print Certification Board
Byrd, Jon Chair Footwear Certification Board
Calhoun, Glen Staff Chief Operations Officer
Calhoun, Glen Staff Membership Applications / Dues Renewal
Carnes, Julie Chair Forensic Video Certification Board
Colbert, Koren Chair Crime Scene Investigation  
Colbert, Koren Chair Investment Committee  
Colbert, Koren IAI Representative National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC)  
Doretti, Brett Chair Forensic Photography and Electronic Imaging  
Garrett, Bob Chair Creation of Business Plan for Separate Business Entity Committee  
Garrett, Bob Chair Forensic Certification Management Board (FCMB)  
German, Ed Chair Facial Identification  
Gische, Melissa Chair Latent Fingerprint Identification  
Gische, Melissa IAI Representative Scientific Working Group on Friction Ridge Analysis (SWGFAST)  
Gorden, Mike Director Board of Directors  
Gordon, Amy Chair Tenprint Identification Certification Board
Gorn, Michael Chair Footwear and Tiretrack Examination  
Graham, Grant Sr. Secretary Bloodstain Pattern Analyst Certification Board
Grassel, John Director Board of Directors  
Greene, Stephen Director Board of Directors  
Gurvis, Jeffery Chair Bloodstain Pattern Analyst Certification Board
Hammer, Lesley Staff Educational Program Coordinator  
Hammer, Lesley Chair Safety Committee  
Hoover, Jerry Chair Digital Evidence  
Hudson, Lisa Chair Professional Review Board  
Hudson, Lisa Officer Vice President - 2nd  
Hull, Cindy Director Board of Directors  
Johnson, Eric Chair Forensic Photography & Imaging Certification
Johnson, G. Matt Chair Science and Practices Committee
Johnson, Steve IAI Representative NIST: Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC)  
Johnson, Steve Chair Nominating Committee  
Jones, John Paul IAI Representative National Institute of Standards and Technology: Forensic Sciences  
Jorz, Raymond Chair Advisory Committee on Management Issues  
Jorz, Raymond Chair Publications Committee  
Jorz, Raymond Officer Vice President - 1st  
Karasov, Phyllis   Legal Counsel  
Kendall, Heather Secretary Tenprint Identification Certification Board
Kilgore, John Chair Latent Print Development  
Klasey, Darrell Officer Historian  
Koch, Steven Secretary Footwear Certification Board
Kriigel, Carl IAI Representative ASTM E30 Committee on the Forensic Sciences  
Laskowski, Gregory Chair General Forensics Committee  
Latham, Cory Chair Bloodstain Pattern Analysis  
Ledbetter, Don Chair Crime Scene Certification Board
LeMay, Jan Director Board of Directors  
Lewis, Bridget Chair Board of Directors
Lewis, Bridget Chair Presidential Advisory Committee
Mallot, Ann IAI Representative Scientific Working Group on Imaging Technology (SWGIT)  
Mancusi, Steven Chair Forensic Art Certification Board
Martin, Kenneth Chair CFSO Representative  
Mattei, Aldo Director Board of Directors  
McDonnell, Owen Officer Division Representative  
McRoberts, Alan Editor Journal of Forensic Identification  
Meline, Kimberly Secretary Forensic Video Certification Board
Miller, Allison IAI Representative FBI Advisory Policy Board (APB) - Identification Services Subcommittee (ISS)  
Murray, Candy Staff Conference Planner  
Murray, James   Vendor/Sponsor Coordinator  
Nash, Steven Chair Johnson-Whyte Memorial Foundation Fund Advisory Committee  
Neumann, Cedric IAI Representative National Science Foundation  
O'Dell, Steve Director Board of Directors  
Parkinson, Greg Officer Sergeant at Arms  
Punter, Ann Chair Tenprint Identification  
Ramotowski, Robert Officer International Aspects  
Reed, Roy Staff/Contract Conference Registration/Info Systems  
Reel, Sarah Chair Forensic Podiatry  
Ruslander, Harold Chair Long Range Planning and Continuity of Office
Ruslander, Harold Officer President
Schade, Bill Chair Publicity Committee  
Schinnerer-Harrell, Traci Secretary Forensic Art Certification Board
Sims, Lora IAI Representative Facial Identification Scientific Working Group (FISWG)  
Slaughter, Lynn Chair Social Media Committee  
Smith, E. Jill Secretary Forensic Photography & Imaging Certification
Snyder, Christine Secretary Crime Scene Certification Board
Springer, Eliot Director Board of Directors  
Springer, Eliot Chair Financial Review  
Springer, Eliot Chair Membership Committee  
Steinmetz, Anne Secretary Latent Print Certification Board
Stimac, Jon Editor Identification News  
Stringham, Larry Director Board of Directors  
Swann, B. Scott Chair Biometrics Information Services  
Thompson, Lyla Director Board of Directors  
Thompson, Lyla Chair Policy, Procedures & Documents Committee  
Tomcik, Ryan IAI Representative National Institute of Justice  
Triplett, Michele Director Board of Directors  
Vanderkolk, John Chair Forensic Comparative Examination  
Villarreal, Domingo Director Board of Directors  
Wisniewski, Michael Director Board of Directors  
Zercie, Ken Chair Resolutions and Legislative Committee  
Zercie, Ken IAI Representative State of Virginia Scientific Advisory Board  
Zercie, Ken Chair Student Issues Committee  
Zercie, Ken Chair Vendor Liaison Committee  
Zercie, Ken Officer Vice President - 3rd