IAI Divisions and Regions

The IAI consists of independent geographic Divisions and Regions located throughout the United States and 15 different countries from around the world. IAI Divisions and Regions have their own charters and own membership for their specific territory. Each Division or Region has their own officers and representatives that manage the business of their division or region within their chartered organization. The Division and Regional representatives work with other Divisions and Regions to provide educational opportunities for law enforcement agencies and organizations in close proximity of their geographic territory. Each year a Division or Region works very closely with the parent body IAI in hosting the Annual International Educational Conference.

Check out the Upcoming Conferences and Division Meetings for local educational opportunities.

Several Divisions maintain their own Internet presence not located at this current IAI parent body Internet site. The IAI parent body will maintain links to these Divisions and Regions.

For further information, contact:

Owen McDonnell