Orange County, Florida Sheriff's Office

Crime Scene Investigator

The Orange County Sheriff's Office in Orlando, Florida invites applicants to apply for the position of Crime Scene Investigator.

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Job Summary

Applies scientific principles to analyze, identify and classify physical evidence related to crime scenes. The following functions represent 70% of workload: Performs duties that involve the collection, examination, preservation, documentation, preparation, and analysis of human tissues or fluids or physical evidence having potential biological or chemical contamination, and uses chemicals, processes, or materials that may have carcinogenic or health-damaging properties in the analysis of such evidence. Responds to and processes various crime scenes by searching for, documenting the location of, collecting, preserving, analyzing, packaging, and preparing for presentation in court, evidence such as: paint, glass, printed matter, paper, ink, fabric, dust, dirt, combustible gases, hair, skin, blood, bones, human organs, human tissue, semen, urine, feces, saliva, vaginal secretions, narcotics, firearms and related materials, fingerprints, shoe/tire tracks, and currency. Performs a variety of analytical examinations, such as processing the crime scene and related evidence using chemicals, powders, light source enhancement and other methods. Completes photograph referrals, photographs, and prints of dead persons at the morgue. Above listed items have the potential to contain organic or inorganic contaminants to include carcinogens, diseases, combustibles, chemical hazards, and blood-borne pathogens. Based on MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) these processes may contain health-damaging properties that are corrosive, combustible, carcinogenic, and contain respiratory irritants, nervous system irritants, eye and skin irritants, and blood toxins.


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Please visit our website and review the job requirements listed in the "Employment" section under "Civilian Positions". In order to be considered for this position, you MUST complete your online application on that website. This posting is for the Orange County Sheriff's Office located in FLORIDA.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer