Pasco Sheriff's Office, Florida

Latent Print Examiner/AFIS Operator (Civilian)




Land O' Lakes

Job Summary

Under the general direction of the Law Enforcement Lieutenant of Forensic Investigators this is a highly specialized position involving the entry of latent fingerprint minutiae into the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)/Biometric Identification System (BIS) to enable the correct interpretation/verification/disposition and proper reporting of the results of those entries. This forensic specialist position requires knowledge, skills and abilities to perform complex comparisons of known to unknown persons for identification and elimination purposes. This position compiles reports on examination findings and enters data into computer systems. This position may be required to testify in court hearings about work performed. Must successfully complete latent fingerprint examination proficiency test.

Working Conditions

A member in this job classification spends at least 65 percent of their time performing duties that involve the handling, examination, preservation, documentation, preparation or analysis of human tissues or fluids or physical evidence having potential biological, chemical or radiological hazard or contamination, or uses chemicals, processes, or materials that may have carcinogenic or health-damaging properties in the analysis of such evidence. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is occasionally required to identify deceased prints (either latent prints or at the morgue) that may contain old blood. Work is generally performed in a standard office setting. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate. May be required to work evenings, weekends and/or holidays. Must be available for twenty-four (24) hour call out.

Education and Experience

High School Diploma or GED, plus an AA or AS degree or higher in crime scene technology, forensic science, or other physical or natural science, or equivalent number of credit hours from an accredited post-secondary institution. Experience may be substituted for education at the rate of two years of experience per year education. Knowledge of photography, fingerprint development, evidence handling and report writing is preferred. Computer skills preferred. This position requires a valid Florida driver's license at all times.

Illustrative Duties and Responsibilities


Illustrative Tasks: Evaluates prints submitted by various inter-departmental personnel and other law enforcement agencies; Utilizes the computer software to facilitate the examination process of latent and known prints; Enters prints into the Automated Fingerprint Identification System/AFIS for search and perform comparison of results of returned candidate prints; Analyzes and compares known prints/standards to evidence and/or standards; Verifies results of other examiner's comparison; Provides latent print technical assistance to Forensic Investigators and assists in processing recovered evidence for latent prints; Maintains chain of custody with evidence. Ensures results, reports and correspondence are correctly and accurately updated and/or entered as required. Testifies in court as a lay or expert witness regarding matters related to latent print examination and work performed. Process and perform outside agency AFIS searches; Liaison with FDLE; Generate / update and submit statistical reports; Perform other duties as needed; May be required to use the Henry System of Identification for locating old prints; This member is responsible for providing maintenance of the AFIS equipment and software.


Illustrative Tasks: Maintain confidential files/information; Maintains/Updates records with computer entries and written reports. Send/receive faxes or scanned documents; Generate copies; Member assists in the training of personnel and participates in Sheriff's Office recruitment and community relation activities as directed. Member will perform related work as required or directed.

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of:

  • Competency in AFIS/Latent Print Examination and ACE-V procedures and protocol.
  • Methods used in preserving and collecting physical evidence and the use of such evidence in establishing guilt or innocence.
  • Knowledge of the Henry System of Identification
  • Competency in fingerprinting and modern latent print processing techniques and procedures.
  • Competency in modern criminal investigation methods and criminal identification techniques
  • AFIS/ICHS database systems and protocol
  • Basic mathematical skills. Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals. Ability to compute rate, ratio, and percent and to draw and interpret bar graphs.
  • Radio procedures
  • Geographic locations
  • Office policy and procedures
  • Florida Statutes/County Codes
  • Human Diversity awareness

Skilled in:

  • Intellectual (analytical, problem solving, technical skills; short/term memory);
  • Interpersonal (customer service, oral communication, written communication, teamwork);
  • Organization (diversity, ethics, organizational support);
  • Self-management (judgment, motivation, planning and organizing, professionalism, quality, quantity, safety and security, adaptability, attendance/punctuality, dependability, initiative, innovation).
  • Computer skills to include using basic Internet and spreadsheet software (e.g., Excel); intermediate word processing software (e.g., Word); and advanced database applications (e.g., AFIS).
  • Give qualifying testimony in the field of fingerprinting, latent fingerprint development and collection and preservation of evidence.
  • Latent Print Examination.

Ability to:

  • Successfully pass a proficiency test at an interval at the discretion of the Chief Forensic Investigator.
  • Clearly speak, understands, read, and legibly write English
  • Communicate effectively with staff members and general public
  • Possess short/long term memory.
  • Operate a personal computer, peripheral equipment and assigned software.
  • Prepare and present documents, forms, reports and statistical data.
  • Operate motor vehicles in a safe and efficient manner, day or night, in compliance with all state laws and regulations regarding operation and licensure.
  • Perform routine mathematical computations.
  • Use independent judgment and make technical and professional decisions on a daily basis.
  • Plan, organize and bring assignments to completion.

Minimum Physical and Other Requirements

Ability to hear conversation at a normal level (assisted/unassisted), must be capable of the following abilities: climbing, balancing, stooping, twisting, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, standing, walking.

To Apply

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The Pasco Sheriff's Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act,
Pasco Sheriff's Office will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities
and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.

The Pasco Sheriff's Office is a drug-free workplace.