IAI Presidential Update

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Photo of Lesley HammerIAI Position on Legislation Governing Forensic Science Practices

The IAI encourages and supports efforts that work toward standardization and that further excellence in the forensic science profession, as these goals reflect the core values of our association.

As a significant stakeholder in forensic legislation, the IAI will continue to provide input to proposals related to governing the forensic profession. Our priorities for law or systems that govern or support forensic science practices are that they should:

1) Provide for sufficient (majority) inclusion of active forensic practitioners in a manner that includes the breadth of forensic disciplines and that includes federal, state, local and private representation.

2) Address the use and availability of existing resources, including the body of existing forensic science research and resources created by the Scientific Working Groups as well as existing quality assurance programs such as accredited certification programs and laboratory accreditation programs based on international laboratory standards.

3) Involve, in addition to the aforementioned practitioner representation, the broad community of stakeholders related to forensic science issues such as attorneys (prosecution and defense), judges, law enforcement, academic institutions, research entities and relevant forensic professional associations.

Lesley Hammer, IAI President