Twins Day Research 2004

Data Collection of the DNA, Fingerprints and Palm Prints of Identical and Fraternal Twins

Thank you for participating in a research study sponsored by the International Association for Identification (IAI). We would also like to thank Cogent Systems, IBM, and the Bode Technology Group in their support to make this a successful research event.

As part of your donation to research, you donated your DNA samples in order to determine the zygotic nature of you and your twin – identical or fraternal. The results of the tests are posted BY YOUR BAR CODE NUMBER that was given to you at the research booth during the twins days event. Please keep your bar code number until the results are posted. All donors will be identified by their bar code number only.

The results of your tests are now available here. If your profile was inconclusive or not available for comparison, please contact Deborah Leben at 202-406-5269. The results have been divided into three tabs containing data for each profile. Check each tab for your barcode number for all the available information related to your twinset.

Address any written correspondence regarding the Twins Data to:

2131 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 403
Hollywood, FL 33020

Request for Twins Data

Send an e-mail here to request Twins Data.

The Twins Days event, organized by the Twins Day Festival Committee Inc., is an annual event for twins. The number of twins that attend provides an opportunity to obtain an adequate sampling of DNA, and digital recordings of the fingerprints and palm prints of identical and fraternal twins. All data collected will be utilized for future research in support of the scientific bases of fingerprint identification.

The IAI was founded in October of 1915 with twenty-two members which has now grown to a healthy membership well over 5,000. The IAI prides itself on being a prestigious and professional association with continued training for its members pursuing the advancement of forensic disciplines though education. The data collected at Twins Days will aid considerably in future studies in the science of fingerprint identification. We thank you!