Zoom Information


IAI Online Training using Zoom

Hello! Using Zoom should be simple and easy. The first thing to determine is if your computer will allow you to access Zoom. If you plan to access on your home computer, it should be no problem. Some places of business have disallowed zoom, in that case you will have to figure out if you can attend the course from home, or find another solution.

If you have used Zoom before, you know that when you are provided a link to a ’meeting‘ (in our case an online class) you simply click on the link, and zoom opens in your web browser. Zoom is free, if you prefer to open an account, you will still join the class in the same manner. You may also want to consider downloading the application onto your computer.

Below is a link to the QuickStart page for Zoom. Please make sure that you know how to open Zoom, and can access it well in advance of the class. On this page the ’Getting started with Zoom‘, ’Joining a meeting‘ and ’Meeting and webinar features‘ sections should be sufficient to be able to successfully participate in your class. When you sign on to zoom you will automatically be able to use the ’chat‘ feature in the course. It will be necessary to also use the microphone feature for course interaction. Please use the information to test that your microphone works within zoom in advance of the class. The camera feature is not necessary to participate in these workshops.


For each course a link will be sent out a few days before the class to the email you have provided. Each Zoom ’classroom‘ will be open 20 min before the class so that you can arrive early and familiarize yourself with the operation if you would like some extra time.

If you have any questions, please contact Lesley Hammer, IAI Educational Coordinator at iaiedplanner@gmail.com.