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The following research projects are posted by the IAI as a service to members. The IAI maintains no further information about any particular project that is posted. Listing does not constitute an endorsement by the IAI. Please correspond directly with the agency or individual doing the research.

IAI Research Listing Policies

  • Research projects for posting, not to exceed 60 days. If no date is specified, the information will be removed after 60 days.
  • Please make sure the posting has the name of the organization or individual doing the research.
  • Please make sure your documentation includes a link to the survey.

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Please send the information in electronic form (not scanned)


Research Postings Below


Forensic Examiners Needed to Participate in an Impression Quality Survey

I (Lily Lin) am seeking forensic examiners (of any sub-discipline and not limited to footwear) to participate in an online footwear impression quality survey. 

This study is part of my PhD research in Forensic Science at West Virginia University (WVU) and has an approved protocol (No. 2002883012) on file with WVU’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Willing participants will review 55 pairs of shoeprint impressions, and rate the type and reliability of information available in the impressions, as well as provide an opinion regarding the highest level of source-attribution that can be reached based on the totality of information present.  All responses will be anonymized and personally identifiable information such as your name will not be collected. I anticipate that the survey will take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to complete (about 1 min to review each image pair) and must be completed in a single sitting (the survey will terminate if the web browser remains idle for over 15 mins).

To participate, please email me (Lily) at, or simply access the following URL:

The survey will remain open for six months (May 31, 2023), but I would be grateful for your early participation (prior to January 31, 2023). Thank you in advance!   Your time, effort, and participation are greatly appreciated!

Posted 11/2/22

Reliability and limits of the Accreditation in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis  

Data collection is done via a survey created specifically for this research, which is directed to bloodstain pattern analysts. 

English questionnaire :

French questionnaire :

Posted 10/21/22

Survey to Study the Effects of Stress, Trauma, and Burnout in Forensic Sciences  

Are you a Forensic Scientist, or otherwise involved in the detection, collection, or analysis of forensic evidence? Are you curious to know if the stressors of the job, including exposure to potentially traumatic material and/or burnout from constant backlogs, resource constraints, and shift work are negatively affecting the ability to effectively perform your work duties? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, then consider participating in this comprehensive research study that aims to inform the criminal justice stakeholder community of the potential impact of vicarious trauma and/or burnout across all forensic science disciplines on work ability. To participate in this research study, please click link below:

Posted 9/1/22

Factors Affecting Forensic Decision Making - Yale Decision Neuroscience Lab 

The aim of this study is to explore factors that may play a role in the triaging of items collected from crime scenes.      

More info  Posted 8/2/2022

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) practitioners'

Call for participants to complete a survey regarding Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) practitioners' current methodologies to classify bloodstains. 

More Info and survey link.  Posted 7/26/2022