Special Committees & Appointments

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2022-2023 Special Committees & Appointments

These committees are established by the President or the Board of Directors on an as-needed basis.

Conference Experience and Development

  • Lesley Hammer, AZ USA - Chair
  • Heidi Eldridge, MD USA
  • Koren Daniels, FL USA
  • Domingo Villarreal, TX  USA 1st VP
  • Mike Wisniewski, OH USA
  • Jason Cole, UT USA
  • Carey Hall, MN USA

2024 IAI Conference Experience 

  • Penny Dechant, AZ USA - Chair
  • John Grassel, NC USA
  • Domingo Villarreal, TX  USA 1st VP
  • Lesley Hammer, AK USA
  • Brian Dew, NC USA
  • Koren Daniels, FL  USA