Standing Committees

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2023-2024 Standing Committees

These committes are established by our association bylaws.

Advisory Committee of Management Issues

  • Larry Stringham, FL, USA - Chair       
  • Jason Cole, VA, USA
  • Mallory McCormick, MD, USA
  • Brian Dew, NC, USA
  • Glen Calhoun, FL, USA

Division Interaction and Affairs

  • Kelly Ayers, WV, USA - Chair                             
  • Dennis Honeycutt, CO, USA       
  • Jason Cole, VA, USA
  • Larry Stringham, FL, US
  • Penny Dechant, AZ, USA
  • Abilmelec Morales Quiroz, MX
  • Mallory McCormick, MD, USA
  • Kasey Gizler, PA, USA

Financial Review Committee

  • Eliot Springer, NY, USA - Chair                         
  • Hillary Daluz, KS, USA                              

  • Penny Dechant, AZ, USA

Forensic Management Committee

  • Glenn Langenburg, MN, USA - Chair
  • Allen Brogdon, CA, USA
  • Lyn OConnor, CA, USA

  • Maria Ruggiero, CA, USA
  • Bryana Toussant, CA, USA

Governmental Affairs

  • Brian Dew, NC, USA - Chair               
  • Kasey Gizler, PA, USA   
  • Alicia McCarthy, ME, USA
  • Dan Dellasalla, TX, USA
  • Koren Daniels, FL, USA

Investment Committee

  • Koren Daniels, FL, USA - Chair      
  • John Lazaretto, FL, USA
  • Glen Calhoun, FL, USA - COO
  • Jeff Gurvis, IL, USA 
  • Henry Swofford, DC, USA

International Aspects Committee

  • Robert Ramotowski, MD, USA - Chair
  • Alexandre Beaudoin, Canada
  • Scott Osborn, Australia
  • Kurt Aebersold, Switzerland
  • Aldo Mattei, Italy

Johnson-Whyte Memorial Foundation Fund Advisory Committee

  • Steve Johnson, PA, USA - Chair                 
  • Steven Nash, CA, USA    
  • Lesley Hammer, AK, USA
  • Ken Zercie, CT, USA
  • Gregory Parkinson, FL, USA
  • Michael Grimm, Jr. VA, USA
  • Joe Maberry, TX, USA

Long Range Planning and Continuity of Office

  • President Domingo Villarreal, TX, USA - Chair
  • Aldo Mattei, Italy - 1st VP                                       
  • Jan LeMayCO, USA - 2nd VP
  • Stephen Greene, AZ, USA 3rd VP
  • Heidi Eldridge, MD, USA 4th VP
  • Glen Calhoun, FL, USA - COO

Membership Committee

  • Hillary Daluz, VA, USA - Chair
  • Lauren Smith, MS, USA                  
  • Kerrie Cathcart, MN, USA
  • Stacie Calkins, VA, USA

Nominating Committee

  • John Grassel, NC - BOD Chair
  • Member at Large
  • BOD Member
  • BOD Member
  • Member at Large
  • Three most recent Past Presidents in attendance

Policy, Procedures, and Documents Committee

  • Heidi Eldrige, MA, USA 4th VP - Chair    
  • Aldo Mattei, Italy1st VP
  • Jan LeMay, CO, USA, 2nd VP    
  • Stephen Greene, AZ, USA  3rd VP 
  • Henry Swofford, DC, USA
  • Ken Martin, MA, USA
  • Glen Calhoun, FL, USA - COO

Presidential Advisory Committee

  • John Grassel, NC, USA - Chair
  • Lisa Hudson, WI, USA
  • Kenneth Martin, WV, USA
  • Steve Johnson, PA, USA
  • Phil Sanfilippo, TN, USA
  • Steve Nash, CA, USA
  • Joe Maberry, TX, USA

Professional Review Board

  • Aldo Mattei, Italy 1st VP - Chair
  • Three Subject Matter Experts / Professional Peers from a Certification Board or a Science and Practice Committee will be assigned to each PRB as required.

Publications Committee

  • Aldo Mattei, Italy - 1st VP - Chair                                        
  • Jan Lemay, CO, USA 2nd VP                        
  • Alice White, USA JFI Editor                     
  • Jon Stimac, OR, USA ID News Editor 
  • Glen Calhoun, FL, USA COO
  • Candy Murray, FL, USA Conference Planner

Publicity Committee

  • Mallory McCormick, MD, USA - Chair
  • Candace Murray, FL, USA - Conference Planner
  • Kasey Gizler, PA, USA
  • Sean Simpson, TX, USA
  • Heidi Eldrige, MD, USA 4th VP

Resolutions and Legislative Committee

  • Stephen Greene, AZ, USA - 3rd VP, Chair  
  • Jan Lemay, CO, USA 2nd VP                  
  • Jeff Gurvis, IL, USA
  • Steve Johnson, PA, USA - Secretary        
  • Phyllis Karasov - General Counsel

Student Advocacy Committee

  • Alicia McCarthy, ME, USA - Co-Chair
  • Lisa Ragaza, CT, USA -Co-Chair             
  • Hillary Daluz, VA, USA
  • Claudine Carter, FL, USA               
  • Karley Ridgell, LA, USA
  • Tiffany Edwards, WV, USA                   
  • Alexis Rentas-Quiles, FL, USA
  • Cameron Stauffer, FL, USA

Vendor Liaison Committee

  • Heidi Eldrige, MD, USA 4th VP - Chair                              
  • Aldo Mattei, Italy 1st VP
  • Jan Lemay, CO, USA - 2nd VP
  • Stephen Greene, AZ, USA 3rd  VP