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Tenprint Fingerprint Certification

Policy and Procedures

Useful Information

Certified Tenprint Examiner Roster

General Information

For further information, contact:
Kari Coronado
Secretary, Tenprint Certification Board
10939 Westmore Ln
San Diego, CA  92126

Email Board Secretary

Tenprint Certification Board (TPCB)

Applying to join the TPCB

If you are interested in applying to join the Tenprint Certification Board, please refer to section 6.0 of the IAI Certification Program Operations Manual under Useful Information.
Letters and resumes should be sent to the attention of:
               Kari Coronado
               Tenprint Certification Board - Secretary
               10939 Westmore Ln
               San Diego, CA 92126

Apply for a New / Renewal Certification or Update your Profile Information

Application for renewal may not be made more than 12 months prior to expiration date

Email Changes: If your email address has changed since your last certification, please call the main IAI office at 954-589-0628 to update your email address before logging in to the Certification system

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