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Q: Can students join the International Association for Identification?  

Student Membership is a category of membership available to full-time college students at an accredited college with a major in a forensic science related field or law enforcement. To be considered as an applicant for Student Membership a person must be a full-time student taking 12 or more semester hours/credits or the equivalent in quarter hours/credits for undergraduate study and at least 9 semester hours/credits or the equivalent in quarter hours/credits for graduate study. In addition, student applicants must include a letter or transcript from their educational institution stating the number of credits currently being taken. The words full-time student will not suffice.

Q: How much is the student membership fee?  

Student membership dues are $45.00.

Q: How can I present my research at the IAI Conference?  

For assistance with Lectures/Workshops/Posters Contact Lesley Hammer, Education Coordinator

Q: What are the various ways I can share my work and research at the conference?  

  • Poster presentation
  • Photo submission to photo contest
  • Lecture (duration can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours, depending on content)

Q: What do I wear to a conference?  

Business casual dress is appropriate for all events during the day.  Evening receptions range from casual to the semi-formal banquet on the final night.

Q: Should I bring my resume/CV to the conference?  

Yes!  Make sure to update your resume/CV and bring it to the conference.

Q: Do I need business cards?  

Business cards are recommended in order to successfully network with colleagues and express interest in departments or agencies that might be hiring currently or in the future.  Many students choose to make their own business cards, which can be done economically via online printing services.

Q: How many workshops should I sign up for?  

While workshops provide fantastic hands-on training, they take up a significant part of the day at a conference.  It is recommended that you plan your time with a good balance of lectures, workshops and free time for networking.  Consult the conference schedule prior to arriving at the conference in order to plan out which workshops and lectures interest you.