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Forensic Video Certification

Certification  Requirements

For general certification and recertification process information –  refer to Section 7.0 of the Certification Program Operations Manual

For specific Forensic Video requirements for certification/recertification – refer to Sections 8.6 and Section 8.9 Prerequisites of Certification in the Certification Program Operations Manual

Previously Accepted Training


Forensic Video Examiner Rosters

General Information

For further information, contact:
Kyp Stavrou
Secretary, Forensic Video Certification Board
Email Board Secretary
Notice to Applicants:  As of 12/1/2021, the initial certification exam has been modified. Please refer to the New Operations Manual, section 8.6, for current competencies required and reference materials. Until 3/1/2022, new applicants may choose to take the current certification test or take the new certification test.
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Apply for a New / Renewal Certification or Update your Profile Information

Application for renewal may not be made more than 12 months prior to expiration date

Email Changes: If your email address has changed since your last certification, please call the main IAI office at 954-589-0628 to update your email address before logging in to the Certification system