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Latent Print Certification

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For further information, contact:
Tim Fayle
Chair, Latent Print Certification Board
Email Board Chair

Important message: The new test that was going to be implemented on 8/2022 has been postponed and the two references associated with that test are not required reading at this time.  Notice will be given when an implementation date is decided.

Notice to Applicants: All applications submitted after 8/31/2022 will require the applicant to take part in the revised initial certification test which will include questions from Palm Prints Searching Smart by Ron Smith & Associates, Inc., 2021 and Fingerprints and Other Ridge Skin Impressions, 2nd Edition by Christophe Champod, Chris J. Lennard, Pierre Margot, Milutin Stoilovic, 2016, CRC Press.

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