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IAI Awards

The IAI grants annual awards that recognize significant contributions to the profession.


John A. Dondero Memorial Award

The John A. Dondero Memorial Award was established in 1958 in his memory by his family and was adopted by the Association by the resolution below. John A. Dondero, prior to his untimely death in 1957, was an active, devoted and much loved member of the International Association for Identification. His many varied and progressive achievements in, and contributions to the fields of identification, investigation, and scientific crime detection brought him international recognition and esteem.

The John A. Dondero Award is to be awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors to an active member of this association, who has made the most significant and valuable contribution in the area of identification and allied sciences. This award shall be granted to only one individual per year when and if it is awarded. However, if the basis for this award involves co-authors and/or co-researchers, this group of persons shall be considered as one individual for the purposes of this award and all of their names shall appear on the engraved plaque, with each of these persons receiving an engraved plaque. The names of all recipients of this award shall be listed below.

The nomination can be made by any individual in writing indicating the contributions of the active member and submitted for board review.

Past recipients of the award are:

1959      Hoover, J. Edgar
             Washington, DC
1960      Cashin, William E.
             Albany, NY
1969      Mooney, Donald G.
             Washington, DC
1970      Musial, Joseph
             Miami, FL
1972      Brunelle, Richard L.
             Washington, DC
1973      Nash, Ernest W.
             East Lansing, MI
1975      McCann, Paul
             Albany, NY

1976      Given, Bruce
             Falls Church, VA
1978      Johnson, Robert L.
             Annandale, VA
1980      Dalrymple, Brian E.
             Tononto, Ontario
1982      Hazen, Robert J.
             Quantico, VA
1985      Kendall, Frank G.
             Atlanta, GA
1988      Domingo, Frank
             New York, NY
1989      Lee, Dr. Henry C.
             Meriden, CT

1997      Sampson, William C.
             Miami, FL
2001      Smith, Ron
             Meridian, MS
2002      Taylor, Karen T.
             Austin, TX
2004      Masters, Nancy E.
             St. Helen's, OR
2006      Bodziak, William J.
             Palm Coast, FL
2007      Meagher, Stephen B.
             Quantico, VA
2008      Ashbaugh, David
             British Columbia, Canada

2013      McRoberts, Alan
             Temecula, CA
2014      Margot, Pierre
             Lausanne, Switzerland
2016      German, Edward
             Newington, VA
2017      Yamashita, Brian
             Ottawa, ON Canada
2021      Springer, Eliot
             Flushing, NY


For further information, contact:

Glen Calhoun
International Association for Identification
2131 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 403
Hollywood, FL 33020
Voice: (954) 589-0628
Fax: (954) 589-0657

Good of the Association Award

The Good of the Association Award was established by the IAI for the purpose of recognizing any individual who, in the opinion and judgment of the IAI's Board of Directors, is deemed to have made an "outstanding contribution to the Association." Nomination eligibility is not limited to members of the Association, however, but to any person who has contributed significantly to furthering the goals, objectives and interests of the IAI.

Anyone who wishes to submit a nomination for the Good of the Association Award for consideration by the Board of Directors should contact the Chief Operations Officer.

Good of the Association Award Recipients

1987     Nielson, John P.
1988     Bonebrake, George
1989     Fiorenza, Tom
1990     Saviers, Kathleen D.
1991     Crooker, Rosella O.
1993     Carrick, Michael F.
            Grieve, Rhoda M.
            Murray, James T.
1994     Gettemy, James B.
            Neuner, John K.
1995     Grieve, David L.
            Hahn, Timothy F.
            Stryker, Henry
1996     Martin, Charles E.
            Sanders, Robert C., III

1997     Carrick, Michael F.
             Fiorenza, Tom
             Murray, Candy
             Shane, Curtis M.
             Shane, Mathea
1998      Douthit, John D.
             Hamm, Ernest D.
1999      FBI, Laboratory Division
             Illsley, Charles P.
             Ostermeyer, Donald C.
2000      Chapman, Carey
2001      Ashbaugh, David
             German, Edward R.
             Meagher, Steven B.
             Punter, Ann D.

2002      Murray, Candy
             Polski, Joseph P.
             Smith, Norman R.

2004      Nash, Steven
2005      Parkinson, Gregory A.
2006      Garrett, Robert J.
2008      Leben, Debbie
2009      Brown, King C.
             Watkins, Dawn
2010      Honeycutt, Dennis
2011      Martin, Kenneth
2012      Inlow, Vici
2014      Hicklin, Austin
2017      Steve Johnson
              David Witzke
2019      Dwane Hilderbrand

Distinguished Members

Distinguished membership may be conferred only on a Member by a majority vote of the I.A.I. Board of Directors in recognition of the Member's superior efforts in the furtherance of the aims and purposes of the I.A.I. A Distinguished Member retains all the rights, privileges, and obligations of the class of membership he or she held prior to being designated as a Distinguished Member.

1987      George J. Bonebrake
1987      James L. Hamilton
1987      Martin J. Leadbetter
1987      Dr. Henry Lee
1987      Douglas M. Monsoor
1987      Clarence E. Phillips
1988      Stanton O. Berg
1988      John P. Nielson
1988      Norman R. Smith
1989      David L. Grieve
1989      Ernest D. Hamm
1989      William O. Jungbluth
1989      Raymond T. Moore
1989      Marvin L. Morgan
1989      Robert D. Olson. Sr.
1989      Kathleen D. Saviers
1990      William J. Watling
1990      Pat A. Wertheim
1991      David R. Ashbaugh
1992      Paul T. Sahs
1993      Michael F. Carrick
1994      Carey L. Chapman
1994      Bruce E. Koenig
1995      Richard F. Hall
1995      Nancy E. Masters
1995      William C. Sampson
1996      Timothy F. Hahn
1996      Dwane S. Hilderbrand
1997      M. Frank Shonberger
1998      John Olenik
1998      Wesley Vernon
1999      Richard E. M. Fahy
2001      Kasey Wertheim
2004      Eugene R. Czarnecki
2004      Karen R. Hare
2004      Alice Maceo
2004      Gregory A. Parkinson
2005      John R. Vanderkolk
2006      Craig C. Moore
2006      Jon T. Stimac
2007      John Black
2007      Jon Byrd
2007      Edward R. German
2007      Glenn Langenburg
2008      V. Thomas Bevel
2008      William J. Bodziak
2008      Darrell Klasey
2008      John Onstwedder
2008      Robert S. Ramotowski
2009      Dr. Antonio Cantu
2009      Lesley C. Hammer
2009      Deborah Leben
2009      Michael Perkins
2009      Joseph P. Polski
2010      Wade W. Knaap
2010      Kenneth F. Martin
2010      Eliot Springer
2011      Alexandre Beaudoin
2011      Lauren Cooney
2011      Brian Dalrymble
2011      Michelle Triplett
2012      Christopher Duncan
2014      Dr. Jean Curtit
2014      G. Matt Johnson
2014      Gregory Laskowski
2014      Philip Sanfilippo
2015      King Brown
2015      Harold Ruslander
2015      Rodney Schenck
2015      Sandra Siegel
2015      Dawn Watkins
2016      Tom Griffin
2016      Holly Latham
2016      Cedric Neumann
2017      Jan LeMay
2017      Curtis Shane
2018      Robert Garrett
2018      Steve Johnson
2019      Kathleen Bright-Birnbaum 
2021      Stephen Greene
2021      Heidi Eldridge
2021      Lisa Hudson
2021      Mack Brazelle

Dedication to Service Award

The Dedication to Service Award is awarded to individuals who have shown outstanding dedication over time to the Association and its objectives.

2005      Glen McLaughlin
2006      Jim Arend
2008      Roy Reed
2011      Charles Parker
              David Weaver
2012      Bridget Lewis
              Darrell Klasey
2015      Wesley Vernon
2016      Glen Calhoun
2021      James Bush