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Each program consists of a rigorous educational process, a certification procedure, and re-certification requirements. Each is administered by a certification board comprised of experts in the discipline. All programs operate under the supervision of the Forensic Certification Management Board (FCMB), a sub-division of the International Association for Identification, to ensure compliance with international accreditation standards.

Training for Certification

The certification boards set the training and education requirements for its specific discipline. At times there are cross overs such as photography training which may be applied to numerous disciplines. Some training is very specific such as latent print identification which may only be accepted by boards dealing with fingerprints. There are no exclusive or specified suppliers of training for certification for any of the certified disciplines.  The certification board will review the training documents supplied by the applicant and determine its suitability for certification training credit. From time to time the FCMB, which oversees the certification program, may publish a list of pre-approved training classes. This service is offered to potential applicants so they can direct their training effort toward a specific discipline appropriately. The training providers listed are not the exclusive source of certification training, they've  merely had their classes pre-approved for credit by the pertinent certification board(s). There is no current authorized list of training providers. Any lists which are distributed outside of this website are not endorsed by the FCMB or its member boards.

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Certification Boards

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Bloodstain Pattern Analyst Certification

Crime Scene Certification
  • Certified Crime Scene Investigator
  • Certified Crime Scene Analyst
  • Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst

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