Forensic Identification


Facial Identification Subcommittee

Our Mission Statement
To serve as the foundation for the international facial identification community by promoting the education and
training of Facial Identification Examiners and increasing the awareness of the challenges within the discipline

Subcommittee Top Goals

To promote the creation of training programs based on scientific approach with emphasis in education, training, and quality
To develop a facial identification source book to serve as a resource guide for facial examiners to prepare for the certification
To Review proposed abstracts for relevancy and content for inclusion in presentations and workshops offered at the Annual
IAI Educational Conference
To Coordinate with IAI certification program professionals to create an IAI Certified Facial Identification Examiner Program
To Encourage U.S. and international participation from facial identification practitioners, researchers, industry vendors, and
other interested parties at meetings, lectures and educational conferences


Facial Identification Websites
Here you can find links to websites and other useful information regarding Facial Identification